It finally happened. The rumors and unofficial announcements have all panned out. After all of my bellyaching, ranting, raving, and accusations of corruption on the highest of high orders, Square Enix and Nintendo have pulled through after all and will finally be bringing Dragon Quest VII to the Nintendo 3DS in the West.

Square Enix. I’m sorry. You know I love you, right?

The English version will be released next summer, so hopefully nothing like the apocalypse happens before then because that would just be fate toying with my emotions a little too much. It has been subtitled Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past.

Joining Dragon Quest VII will also be the Nintendo 3DS port of Dragon Quest VIII. I’m really glad that this is being made available for fans to enjoy, but I have mixed feelings about its presentation. This is one I would rather sit in front of a television and play just because it is so grand. A dinky, low-res screen doesn’t do the majesty of this title enough justice.

On the flip side, I rarely have any time to play my JRPGs in my house anymore and can only really do so on the train in Japan. Maybe this is for the best after all!

But in the end, Dragon Quest VII. Coming to North America. On the Nintendo 3DS. In English. Our struggle is over, so once again, let’s hear it from our girl Karen Carpenter!

And I need something new to be cynical about… what will it be next?