Dragon Quest VII

HA HA! We did it! We did it! We did it! …maybe.

Oh man, you know I've been waiting forever to write this story for you! Thank goodness for men like Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii. That man can break a corporate script like the best of them and make thousands of people happy with a small slip of his lips. He let news out way too early on Dragon Quest XI, and it seems he has done his Western fans a huge favor by confirming that the Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest VIII 3DS remakes will be released in the West, or at least "in French."

Hopefully, he doesn't mean only French.

The news comes from Paris' Japan Expo 2015, where Yuji Horii showed up to give a speech on the upcoming Dragon Quest Heroes for the PlayStation 4. Video game translator Jérémie Kermarrec was there to watch his speech, and he claims that Horii confirmed the localizations on stage.

Kermarrec's story was apparently confirmed by other people who attended the speech, who follow his sentiments that Square Enix had no intention of revealing its plans this early.


"At Japan Expo, a few hours after our interview, Yuji Horii has confirmed here that Dragon Quest VII and VIII are coming 'in French.'"

Oh yeah. Yuji Horii knows who to please. Some people go up on stage and say its all about the gamers, but few actually practice that thought. The speech occurred just hours after an interview with Horii was published by Final Fantasy Ring regarding Dragon Quest XI. When asked about the Nintendo 3DS games, Horii gave a pretty safe answer, saying:

Horii: "(Laughs.) We hear and read that a lot of fans are indeed passionate about these games, and we're thinking about it."

He can stick to the script in an interview, but Square Enix can't change what is said in front of hundreds of people, I suppose. No official confirmation directly from Square Enix just yet, so treat this as a huge rumor straight from the creator's mouth himself.

I'll dish out more thoughts when we get that confirmation, but I'd like to thank the noisy fans for making this happen, especially those noisy fans behind the scenes at Square Enix who no doubt had to nag their bosses and bosses bosses to get this done. Just when this project looked dead in the water, it was the fans' persistence which told Square Enix that it was wrong in overlooking its audience.