Dragon Quest VI

It’s finally happened folks. Square Enix has brought every capable Dragon Quest game to Android and iOS with the release of Dragon Quest VI. With the exception of Dragon Quest IX, which is too ingrained with DS Wi-Fi, and Dragon Quest VII, for obvious reasons I’m tired of writing about, the entire main series is now available with a few taps of the touch screen.

Even though I own it for the DS, I don’t have nearly as much experience with Dragon Quest VI as I do with the others. It’s on my summer backlog and lined up for once I wrap up Majora’s Mask. From the little I’ve played of its fan translation and the vast amounts I’ve read about it though, it definitely seems like the oddball of the series. The classic sense of style has been replaced with a darker tone, and Dragon Quest‘s tendencies for generic character designs is something of the past with this outlandish bunch of weirdos.

Akira Toriyama was at the height of the Buu saga in Dragon Ball Z when he made these characters, meaning I think his brain was a little fried.

It’s not the best regarded Dragon Quest either, especially when put it next to IV and V, but it’s Dragon Quest and every release feels like a small miracle these days. The $14.99 it costs will provide a great game, so be sure to download it, if not to just let Square Enix know what it Dragon Quest fans exist.

And with that, we’re back to begging again. Dragon Quest Heroes comes out in the fall, and there really is no other viable option for the franchise in the West until the release of Dragon Quest XI… other than the Nintendo 3DS games of course. Dragon Quest VII is now the only game not widely available in English, and I think Square Enix recognizes this. The fact that it shut down the fan translation gives me hope that it is coming though.