It’s not too hard to spot the love and affection for Dragon Quest that went into the upcoming Dragon Quest Heroes. Friends and heroes, old and new, all take center stage in the latest “The Heroes You Know” trailer, and there are fewer thrills in gaming this year than seeing so many familiar faces rendered so faithfully in 3D for the first time.

Dragon Quest Heroes is loyal to its main series to the core with Akira Toriyama’s goofy art style and, just as importantly, the characters’ accents. Square Enix has made it its mission in localization to stick to real world dialects in representing different kingdoms in the games’ worlds, but we have yet to see any of these fully voiced. All of the games translated to this standard have been text only so far.

Dragon Quest IV benefits the most from this. This trailer debuts the martial artist princess Alena and her priestly bodyguard Kiryl speaking with thick Russian accents, and their dancing companion Maya also sports Middle Eastern accent. The heavenly brides from Dragon Quest V also have accents with the archer Bianca getting to her commoner roots. I can’t for the life of me understand what she is saying. The other bride, Nera, doesn’t drift too far from a generic Disney princess.

The last character voiced for the first time is Dragon Quest VI’s Terry, who is just boring.

Dragon Quest VIII’s Yangus has been voiced before, and his cockney is as strong as ever. Jessica doesn’t talk enough in the trailer to really share her voice, but I always preferred her flirty Japanese tone.

Healie the Healslime sounds a lot what you would think Tiny Tim sounds like. Based on Dragon Quest Heroes’ original characters too, it looks like Square Enix has turned to a British voice acting studio to get the job done, a route taken by Nintendo for Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story as well. The results of those games’ localizations proved to be quite fun, being more fanciful to us North American audiences, and the myriad dialogues fit Dragon Quest’s light-hearted tone perfectly.

Dragon Quest Heroes launches on Oct. 13 for the PlayStation 4. Be sure to support it, because it’s not often we English speakers are treated to the series.

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