Dragon Quest Heroes has a batch of new screenshots available showing off two of the game’s legacy characters in action.

Fans of Dragon Quest IV should have no problem recognizing these two. The fiery princess Alena and her martial arts tear apart hosts of Dragon Quests’ iconic monsters, and also joining this battle is her priestly bodyguard Kiryl and his long spear. One of his attacks looks like it summons a classic Dragon Quest battle menu to banish his opponents with. Hilarious!

Square Enix explains the details of these characters, translated by Gematsu:


Equipment: Gloves Special Ability: Flash Fire Fist

While she doesn’t have a weapon like a sword or axe, Alena uses martial arts to attack. With her fast movement, she can protect herself from enemies and quickly attack.


  • Exploding Fist – Alena fires her fists at a blistering pace.
  • Both at Once – Alena unleashes the power stockpiling in both fists both at once.
  • Flash Fire Fist – Alena lunges back and a launches a huge fireball from her fists.


Equipment: Spear Special Ability: Kathwack

Kiryl is a priest equipped with a spear. He can also use “that” familiar spell as his special ability.


  • Kabuff – Raises the entire party’s defense power for a fixed period of time.
  • Thunder Lunge – Fires the lightning stockpiling in his spear. Its power can break the ground and push away surrounding enemies.
  • Kathwack – A high damage attack that channels all of Kiryl’s anger.

Dragon Quest Heroes will be released in Japan for the PlayStation 3 and 4 on Feb. 26. No English localization has been announced yet.