I might get a bit of heat for this, but I’ve always felt that Dragon Quest has the best monster designs of any video game franchise. That includes you, Pokemon! Even since the first game back on the Famicom, these beasts have been charming, bursting with character, and best of all, simple. Akira Toriyama never overdraws his monsters, making them easy to replicate by fans and in massive PlayStation 4 action games!

Keeping in line with Dragon Quest V, the upcoming Musou-style action game Dragon Quest Heroes will allow players to capture monsters with a unique coin system. Defeating monsters in battle will give you a chance to earn a coin with its face emblazoned on the front, and using that coin in battle will summon it to fight alongside you for a short while. No knowing yet how often these coins appear, meaning that just like Dragon Quest V, there is a sense of randomness to this system beyond your control.

At least killing monsters in a Musou game is much much easier than grinding through random battles in a Super Nintendo-era RPG. Man, all I want now is an army of King Metal Slimes trouncing through masses of enemies.

Dragon Quest Heroes Psaro

Square Enix has also revealed the first playable villain of the game as well with Psaro, the main antagonist of Dragon Quest IV, lining up alongside the franchise’s iconic heroes. This is not the first time players will be able to control Psaro though as the Nintendo DS remake of Dragon Quest IV adds an extra chapter where he becomes an ally, similar to Magus joining your team in Chrono Trigger.

All sounds great, but I’m not entirely sold just yet. I wasn’t as big of a fan of Hyrule Warriors as a lot of Nintendo fans were, so I’m going to hold out and see how developer Omega Force retools the Musou mechanics for a better game.

Dragon Quest Heroes will be released in Japan on Feb. 26 for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. No word of an English localization just yet.