Dragon Quest: Heroes, like Hyrule Warriors before it, is a Musou-style action game celebrating the history of one of Japan’s most beloved franchises. Square Enix’s longest running franchise is nearly thirty years old now, and creator Yuji Horii has shown no signs of slowing down now that Dragon Quest XI is confirmed to be in the worksDragon Quest: Heroes, though, looks to the past and brings a handful of the most popular characters to emerge from the series into a frantic new action game.

Dragon Quest IV is often credited with inventing the idea of a “cast” in the JRPG genre. Not many games before it had an entire roster of characters with different personalities and back stories, which is why it often ranks as a nostalgic favorite of the bunch. As such, it is also the most represented game in the series with three characters: the butt kicking Princess Alena, her priestly bodyguard Kiryl, and the wandering dancer Maya.

Dragon Quest VI on the other hand is often seen as an oddball with some truly outlandish character designs. The sword and shield wielding Terry seems to have the most recognizable legacy as he is the only character appearing from that game.

This is the first time all four characters have been rendered in such a gorgeous 3D engine, and we can only hope that Square Enix and Koei Tecmo find it within themselves to make more. Square Enix has confirmed the two Heavenly Brides from Dragon Quest V, Bianca and Nera, and Dragon Quest VIII‘s Jessica and Yangus will be joining them, but none have been shown off in-engine yet.

In addition to the batch of screenshots and the release date of February 26th, Square Enix has also shown off a few more glamour shots of the PlayStation 4 Metal Slime Edition. Check it out in the gallery below and be sure to watch this incredibly tongue-in-cheek video of how Square Enix claims to make these.