We’re two weeks away from the first North American Dragon Quest release since what seems like the Clinton-era, and some still aren’t entirely sure what Dragon Quest Heroes has to offer. Leave it to the mighty King Doric to explain in this English overview trailer.

Our enthusiastic monarch has all the tips and tricks on how to advance in the land of Arbor. I wonder if it gets that name from the giant tree growing out of its central castle. The friendly monsters of this realm have fallen under a terrible curse, making them aggressive towards its peaceful people and only twelve heroes can bring the chaos to an end.

After Doric’s roll call of new and familiar heroes, he gives a rundown of the mechanics as well. These include the uses of monster medals in battle, summoning aid in times of need, and also the RPG mechanics powering this game. It is a Dragon Quest title after all, so it has to have some kind of RPG mechanics.

Many are worried that this game will be just another copy of the Dynasty Warriors franchise with a Dragon Quest look. From the description though, stages don’t seem to be so reliant on the flow of battle and timed objective. Those led to so many surprise defeats and broken checkpoints in Hyrule Warriors that it ultimately killed the experience for me. Here’s to hoping that the shift towards action RPG allows for more exploration and freedom in the stages.

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below launches on Oct. 13 for the PlayStation 4 in the states. It will have all the DLC available right out of the box and on the disc, so no need to wait for drip dropping releases.