Dragon Quest Heroes has a brand new trailer from Jump Festa this past weekend in Japan. Square Enix has picked a handful of fan-favorite characters from the series to make an appearance in this new action spin-off, and some of them are making their debut motion appearance in this trailer.

First, we’ll get the original characters out of the way. We’ve already seen these newcomers before. We have Akuto, the blue armored spike head, Meer, the red armored lady warrior, Dirk, the bearded ax-wielding king, and Julietta, the purple turban wearing engineer and alchemist. Homiron, a king jellyfish, also has his own introduction. All of them are kind of generic Dragon Quest heroes, and none are particularly interesting yet.

Maybe they will strike a chord with fans, but more likely, the target audience is going to fall in love with using the classic line-up.

First up, we are introduced to Dragon Quest IV’s brawling Princess Alena, her priestly bodyguard Kiryl, and the scandalously clad dancer Maya. Following them, Dragon Quest V’s heavenly brides Nera and Bianca get their first introduction in motion, followed by Dragon Quest VIII’s duo of supporting characters, Yangus and Jessica, also making their trailer debut.

The new trailer closes with Dragon Quest VI’s fan-favorite “maybe villain, maybe hero” Terry.

After the montage of character introductions, we get a glimpse at our potential villain-of-the-week and a whole barrage of gameplay clips with these characters showing off their moves. It’s Musou to the max, and it’s fanservice taken to a whole new level! I’m not sure how this will stack up against Hyrule Warriors, but it is certainly a more beautiful game.

Dragon Quest Heroes will be released for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in Japan on Feb. 26. No word on an English translation yet.