Dragon Quest Heroes II

Dragon Quest Heroes was a huge hit for Square Enix in Japan, and it might still turn out to be one in the States as well when it launches for the PlayStation 4 on Oct. 13. It makes sense that the company would want to follow up as quickly as it could, and judging by how fast developer Omega Force works on its cheap and simple games, spring 2016 isn't that unexpected of a launch date.

That's only one year after the previous one launched!

Dragon Quest Heroes II takes place in a new world with a new story, but many familiar faces will be returning. The teaser image released by Square Enix confirms the return of Kyril, Maya and Alena from Dragon Quest IV and Terry from Dragon Quest VI. They are joined by newcomers Carver from Dragon Quest VI and the fiery red-head Maribel from Dragon Quest VII.

No word on if the previous game's original characters will be coming back, but Square Enix has confirmed that a new, original protagonist will be at the center of the new plot.

Other improvements include a 4-player co-op option not available in the first game, and it will also be breaking ground by being playable on the PS Vita! Take your mindless Dragon Quest action on the go!

Square Enix also took the time to announce that the original game has surpassed 1 million units sold without even being launched in the States, meaning that this game is without question a hit and might be the start of a viable new sub-series for the franchise if the sequel is equally successful.

Square Enix plans to share more news at Tokyo Game Show 2015. Dragon Quest Heroes II will be released for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PS Vita.