Dragon Quest Heroes (4)

You could say Dragon Quest is a big deal in Japan, but that wouldn’t be doing the long running series very much justice.

While it’s never received as much success as it has acclaim over here in the U.S., the series is huge over there. As Kotaku notes, Dragon Quest games are intentionally released during school holidays to cut down on kids skipping school to get the game.

Now it’s helping push an ailing console market up off the ground, even if just a little bit.

The PlayStation 4 isn’t selling at nearly the breakneck pace it is in western markets. Where Sony is seeing, on average, something like one and a half million consoles sold every month across its various markets, Japan only accounts for a small percentage of that, selling anywhere from 10,000 to 20,000 systems a week.

Kotaku reports, though, that Dragon Quest Heroes has more than doubled the system’s sales just on its own thanks to the strong brand recognition and positive reviews, to the tune of 46,000 systems sold following the game’s release.

With a bunch of other big releases hitting the system, this may be the start of some new momentum for the ailing Japanese console market.