Don’t even think about it, Dragon Quest Heroes! No matter how gorgeous your surprisingly stunning graphic engine brings to life the world and monsters of Japan’s most beloved RPG series at an incredible 6o fps, I will not get excited after getting burned by Hyrule Warriors’ insane marketing push.

No, not one… little bit… But, but just look how big that Gigantes cyclops is!

New gameplay footage from Square Enix’s demonstration of Dragon Quest Heroes at Tokyo Game Show shows the big scale the PlayStation 4 allows developers Omega Force to create the series’ iconic monsters. Series creator Yuji Horii also made a surprise appearance on stage to explain and show off the game, and for a cheap musou style game, man, does it look simply staggering.

The detail put into the smaller monsters is unbelievable with Square Enix saying it’s “beautiful enough to see the monster’s fur.” Even on a compressed YouTube video of a compressed livestream the little critters looks good, but it is the gigantic cyclops our heroes Akuto, Meer, and Dirk have to take down who is he real star here. He is far and away the most impressive character model the team has developed to date.

Grand in size, Akuto has to run up to the roof of a nearby building just to be at his eye level to exploit his obvious weak point. The aerial combos he pulls off and even freely jumping are also new to the genre, showing that Omega Force is really starting to show some evolution to their approach.

This footage certainly doesn’t do the Wii U any favors if the PlayStation 4 can make a musou game look this much better.

Dragon Quest Heroes (18)

During the presentation, Square Enix Producer Ryota Aomi confirmed that the game would star characters from other Dragon Quest games, including the Dragon Quest IV and VI stowaways that appeared in the reveal trailer, and it polled the livestream viewers over which Dragon Quest V character they would most like to see. Rather than go with the purple turbaned hero, the viewers cast in over 50 percent votes for his blonde potential wife Bianca, a childhood fantasy for many young boys in Japan.

Koei Tecmo producer Kenichi Ogasawara said that the team would “seriously consider” adding her to the game.

One final note of Dragon Quest Heroes demonstrations is more of a conspiracy than anything. Eagle eyed viewers noted that the main character was level 8 during the first demo and level 11 in the second demo. Dragon Quest VIII was the last game in the series to appear on a PlayStation console, and the most hardcore of fans are using this as the basis to assume Dragon Quest XI will be appearing on the PlayStation 4.

Sounds like they are stretching a bit, but I can dig it. The PlayStation 4 would be an excellent choice for Dragon Quest XI if it can make Square Enix’s longest running series look this good. Plus, it will be more import friendly than the Wii U when Square Enix refuses to localize it thanks to Sony’s region-free hardware.

I am trying my hardest to keep my expectations in check, but with graphics this good and Dragon Quest‘s key staffers all overseeing development, it’s hard to not get excited as the series finally makes a legitimate break into the action genre. Dragon Quest Heroes will be released for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in Japan next year. No word on a localization yet, but you can join the thousands of Dragon Quest heroes demanding more support from Square Enix at Operation Hero.