Square Enix debuted the Minecraft inspired Dragon Quest Builders during its Dragon Quest press conference in Japan.

Yes. It’s Minecraft. The jokes have been made, the comparisons have been relentless. Now that we finally see it in motion, let us all let it sink in. There is no mistaking this as Dragon Quest: Minecraft Edition, and there is no reason to hide when you are this blatant.

Square Enix owns it through and through.

Like Minecraft, the game drops your character into the mountains, only this world is that of the first Dragon Quest game and you get a little starter hut. Ruined by monster attacks, you are charged with building the cities that the first game’s protagonist will eventually find on his epic journey to save the princess.

You’ll gather resources, build homes which bloom into cities, and eventually spread your creations far beyond your starting point.

Naturally, digging also kicks up minerals to make new weapons and medicinal herbs to use in battle. This is an action game after all, and our hero will use weapons and the ground to take out his enemies. He can also jump and roll behind cover, as seen in the closing fight scene.

It’s Minecraft to a “T,” but I don’t care. I must play this. It will be released for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PS Vita this winter in Japan. No word on an English version yet.