Dragon Quest Builders is all about making things. The world of the first game has been destroyed, and it is up to our nameless generic Dragon Quest hero to put it all right again. If he can’t, then Dragon Quest’s legends and lore will never occur, history will go up in flames, and the series’ events will never take place!

But, how exactly does our hero “rebuild the world?” It seems like a daunting task for a single simpleton to undertake. Well, Square Enix has a new gallery of screenshots to show step-by-step how to rebuild a town in your image.

Needless to say, if you know Minecraft, you know how to play Dragon Quest Builders. You’ll be gathering resources, laying down foundations, building crummy buildings, and ultimately get the proper stones and fashionable furniture to build some impressive structures. I’ve always wanted to create my own JRPG town, and this is the best chance I’ve ever had to do so! Square Enix doesn’t hold back either, that town looks intricate and is probably loaded with secrets.

What do you do once your town is built, though? From there, you’ll need to defend it! Every once in a while, waves of monsters will try to bring your haven to the ground. Don’t let them do so! Use traditional combat and the smarts of your resources to find new and exciting ways of exterminating foes before they erase your town from existence.

Dragon Quest Builders’ inspiration is more than obvious, but it brings plenty of the series’ patented charm to the mix to make it original and worth checking out. It launches in Japan for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PS Vita on Jan. 28. I’m genuinely interested in seeing how it performs in its home country.

I’m not sure where Minecraft and Dragon Quest stack up these days in the face of Japan’s other popular franchises. From the screenshots though, they look like they stack up nicely together.