I was very skeptical of Dragon Quest Builders when it was first announced, and I know many other saw it as a cheap cash-in on Minecraft as well. However, I have put all that behind me and have decided that I really want this game. Sure, it is a Minecraft clone to the very core, but it’s Dragon Quest! The most charming game series on Earth meets this generation’s most popular game.

What could go wrong?

The new trailer from Tokyo Game Show 2015 shows our hero in true CG fashion, busting up blocks, building towns, and defending them from monsters. All the while, a threat looms off in the distance, and our hero can build a tower to heroically gaze at it over the landscape. Plus, a cute local girl gives him an apple for good luck. So very “Dragon Quest.”

I don’t know. I hardly doubt it will be an Earth shattering title, and we will be lucky if it gets released in English. It just looks like cute fun, and I’m always down for fresh takes on the series.

Dragon Quest Builders will launch on the PS Vita in Japan on Jan. 28. Importers, ready your wallets!