Oh, the days when RPGs were made of plucky little sprites and simple mechanics. How I long for such an innocent time. Luckily, the indie scene has old timers like me covered with a wide range of gems allowing me to slip back into my childhood and keep my longing to a minimum.

The latest of these hails from newly founded indie studio, Grimm Bros. Founders Ash Monif and Randis Albion, veterans of the industry, have unveiled their first game, Dragon Fin Soup, a classically styled RPG with a persistent world comparable to Secret of Mana. Adopting a different approach from the simple action dungeon crawler, Dragon Fin Soup uses a grid based movement system found in the popular roguelike genre.

The result is an open world where every step matters and every action taken has an effect somewhere out in the wild. When your character moves or takes a turn, your enemies move and take a turn. Such style of games are typically reserved for randomly generated dungeons, but Dragon Fin Soup seeks to open that concept to an entirely explorable world.

Grimm Bros. says that their game is inspired by Little Red Riding Hood, but in this version, our female protagonist, Red Robin, is both a raging alcoholic and a sword slinging bounty hunter. No way is she the sweet and shy girl who just wanted to take pies to her grandmother. Look out Big Bad Wolf! Between Dragon Fin Soup and Darkstalkers, your days are numbered.

Dragon Fin Soup will be released for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PS Vita and PC, and if you are a fan of older RPGs, especially the Mystery Dungeon series, you might want to check it out.