Something is amiss in the world of Dragon Ball Z. History is being re-written, and the universe’s most powerful villains have been possessed beyond their usual powers. With evil doers emerging victorious when they shouldn’t and heroes departing for another dimension at incorrect times, the timeline finds itself in a fragile state. Only a hero summoned from beyond by the Eternal Dragon can set things right.

You. Dragon Ball Xenoverse puts you in control of a customized avatar to put everything right. Why? Because you are armed with the knowledge of how the Dragon Ball Z canon plays out. I hope you remember, because Wikipedia might not help you in the middle of these twitch gaming fights!

Just kidding, the game no doubt beats you over the head with what to do next.

It’s a very interesting idea for a video game, and it seems to add a bit more viability to the story mode as opposed to the useless exposition like most fighting games have. I’m especially interested in parts where a popular character dies.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse looks like a good time because of its interesting story. The last time I sat and really enjoyed a Dragon Ball Z game was when I imported Dragon Ball Z Legends for the original PlayStation. This kind of has the same feel with the free-flying arenas and ability to recreate the show’s most important battles. Xenoverse’s combat is pretty barebones, but it gets the job of creating the feeling that you are in a Dragon Ball Z cartoon done.

It will be released on Feb. 17 for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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