Dragon Ball Xenoverse‘s release has come and gone, and yet unlike most forgettable games based on the license, this one seems to have the lasting power to become a huge hit. Bandai Namco Producer Masayuki Hirano has confirmed that the game has crossed 1.5 million global shipments.

“I would like to thank everyone for their support on this new challenge. We decided to take a risk and create a completely new concept to entertain our fans and Dragon Ball lovers and we are quite proud of the successful result!”

In developing Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Bandai Namco turned to its former partner-in-crime Dimps for this project. The studio, famous for making the popular Dragon Ball Z Budokai games from the PlayStation 2 days, turned the franchise on its head by changing the outcome of the show’s most iconic fights. Players are given the freedom to create their own character tasked with setting history straight.

We’re big fans of the formula, as you can see in our review, and it definitely adds an extra layer to the license that sets it apart from the rest of the normal fighting games. We hope to see more from Dragon Ball Xenoverse, and it seems the Eternal Dragon has heard our wish. The first DLC pack launches today, and it will star three new characters from Dragon Ball GT and a wealth of other new content.

  • 3 new playables characters (Kid Goku GT, Trunks GT and Pan)
  • 1 new stage (Planet Tuffle)
  • 5 new costumes, 3 new accessories, 9 new Z-souls
  • 2 new Masters (Tien and Yamcha)
  • 15 new special moves to be learned from Tien and Yamcha
  • 4 Time Patrol Quests and 3 Parallel Quests

Sounds good. Pan is a nice addition, but I’m still not seeing my little buddy Chiaotzu, Bandai Namco! Let’s make it happen! Dragon Ball Xenoverse is available now for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

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