There's a lot to like in this new trailer for the Nintendo 3DS RPG, Dragon Ball Fusion. For one thing, it has a slick Japanese rap about video games, and we all know how legendary those turn out.

Secondly, it teases the big question that has been on the forefront of nerdy fan-fiction writers for over two decades. "What would happen if X character and Y character fused together?!" Well, now is your chance to find out!

"Fusion" in Dragon Ball Z stands as the most offensively silly way to drag out the series for an additional few manga volumes, but from the way it seems now, Akira Toriyama's desperation serves way better as a gameplay mechanic in a wildly fun JRPG developed two decades after the series brought itself to a close.

And yes, I am fusing Arale-chan with Nappa the first chance I get! This game deserves a chance on the North American market, and I'm hoping Bandai Namco puts it on the same level of priorities as Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

Dragon Ball Fusion launches for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on Aug. 4. Hey everybody! Let's Fusion!