Dragon Ball Fusion (2)

Bandai Namco is still hammering away at the Dragon Ball video games, benefiting from the franchise’s recent resurgence in Japan. The company’s next game, titled Dragon Ball Project Fusion, has been announced in the latest issue of V-Jump, and it is scheduled to launch sometime this year.

The reveal confirms that the game is going to be an RPG, but other than that, the only hint of its content is that it will be focused on the Fusion ability found in the later chapters of Dragon Ball Z. Obviously, the game will not be canon, and the reveal even shows a humorous fusion attempt between Goku and the series’ ultimate villain, Broly.

Dragon Ball Fusion

It claims that the fusions will go beyond what you thought possible from the series, probably meaning we’ll be seeing weird character combinations. Piccolo and Krillin, Bulma and Mr. Popo, Buu and Mr. Satan.

I’m not overly impressed. “Fusion” came around at a time in Dragon Ball Z when writer Akira Toriyama was clearly out of ideas, and he needed a quick gimmick to make his characters stronger and drag the franchise out for another two issues. Without it, we might have never seen the popular yet insufferable character Gotenks, but would that really have been so awful?

As for the game, it will have a few laughs but not much else in terms of role-playing. Dragon Ball has often made for fascinating fighting and action games, but as an RPG, it has always come up on the lightweight side, ever since the Super Famicom days. Maybe this one will improve upon that notion.