When it comes to Dragon Ball Z, I’m a huge fan of the first two story archs. Before Androids, before Gods, before stupid dancing, merged forms, and most importantly, before Super Saiyans, all had a story where a group of characters had a goal of saving their planet from invading aliens, and then taking their fight to an intergalactic tyrant while looking for Dragon Balls to revive their friends.

Nice, simple storytelling that never once seemed like it was being written on the fly.

That’s why the inclusion of these new characters to Dragon Ball FighterZ has me excited to buy the game and the DLC. Seeing as Base Goku enter the fight on the back of the Flying Nimbus and busting out the Kaio-ken technique tickles my nostalgia, and seeing Base Vegeta sporting his original Saiyan armor takes me back to the very first time I watched the show, back in the Rock the Dragon” era, back when there was a variety of fun techniques and abilities that didn’t lean on changing the color of their hair.

Good times!

Previous DLC characters have cost $5, so it’s pretty safe to assume that these two will as well. Overall, eight characters are planned for a release in the first season, and the season pass costs $35.

Bandai Namco also confirmed that the Switch beta test is scheduled to begin in August with very basic gameplay modes.

The Switch version of the game launches on Sept. 28 in North America. The game is already available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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