BioWare and EA are no longer trapped under the useless whale blubber of timed exclusivity. They are now able to freely speak on the release date of Dragon Age: Inquisition’s DLC pack, Jaws of Hakkon, and its intended release date for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

Players can expect to pick it up on May 26, claims the official Dragon Age Twitter page.

If you remember, Jaws of Hakkon was picked up by Microsoft as a timed exclusive for the Xbox One in its hopes that the DLC pack would be able to shift half a dozen Xbox One consoles. BioWare and EA couldn’t even mention the release date let alone bring it to rival consoles in that time period.

There’s no telling how successful the timed exclusivity was for Microsoft, but I would be really interested in seeing if it resulted in tangible figures that were worth irritating the game’s enormous fanbase. Since I am quite certain nobody dropped the price of an Xbox One console just to play a cheap DLC pack a month early, I have to wonder if it was really worth the bad press.

Regardless, Dragon Age: Inquisition’s first single-player expansion, Jaws of Hakkon, will be released on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 on May 26.