The jaws of timed exclusivity have clamped down hard on Dragon Age: Inquisition fans. The popular RPG’s first DLC pack, “Jaws of Hakkon,” is already available for the Xbox One and PC, and the exclusivity will remain in place for a short period of time. Microsoft’s contract forbade BioWare from discussing when the DLC would be released for other platforms, but that grip has been relaxed just a little bit.

PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Xbox 360 owners will be able to download the pack in May. No specific date has been set, but it will cost $14.99 across the other platforms as well.

“Jaws of Hakkon” tells the story of the previous Inquisitor and his untimely end at the hands of a dragon god. It provides a new area to explore, new quests and a tribe of warriors called the Avvar to ally with.

Xbox One fans seem to be enjoying it so far. Are there any PlayStation 4 owners out there who are looking forward to jumping aboard as well?