Dragon Age Review (12)

Everybody loves a good Easter Egg in their RPGs. The Internet was abuzz when fans stumbled across a previously unknown quest in Final Fantasy IX, and modern developers are known to toss in plenty of extra goodies with the hopes of fans one day discovering them.

Somebody at BioWare apparently got a little impatient with nobody finding Dragon Age: Inquisition’s most elusive quest. A developer leaked the first part of the two-step secret quest to YouTube channel ProjectFalconPunch, and the hunt is on for the second part.

The quest itself is not especially hard once you know how to trigger it. A rock formation in Emerald Graves holds the secret, and jumping on top of it about fifty times or so will trigger the quest offer. Players must then seek out a rare flower in The Hinterlands called a “Crystal Grace,” and collecting ten will give you the ultimate reward of influence… yay!

BioWare has revealed that this is only the first part of the quest, and the second half is far more exciting. Upon completion, a treasure chest will appear somewhere in the world and grant players a rare, mysterious item. What the item is or where the chest can be found is still a secret to which only BioWare knows, but it has hinted that the chest is near some stairs.

If you are still playing Dragon Age: Inquisition, then then hunt is on! You better get crackin’ if you want to be the first.