Dragon Age: Inquisition is set to launch next week on November 18, and as such the marketing machine from EA and Bioware is in full swing.

One of the members you might be able to add to your Inquisition party is The Iron Bull. This is his trailer, and here's how EA and BioWare describe the insanely powerful beast.

The Iron Bull is a powerful Qunari warrior, and leader of the Bull's Chargers, a famous network of mercenaries. With his immense strength, and enthusiasm for crushing enemies, he provides necessary muscle to the Inquisition.

Each party member should bring some great skills to battle, and I'm actually pretty excited to have a tank capable of this sort of damage dealing and absorbing. I'm looking forward to building my own Inquisition, but I think I'll be doing it in January once the fall rush slows down.

Imagine, nothing to play but Dragon Age: Inquisition. If it lives up to the hype, I'll be happy to clear other games from my calendar in order to focus on this one for a whole month.

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