Dragon Age Inquisition (10)

From what I know about Dragon Age: Inquisition, the title is a bit of a return to form for BioWare after the not-so-loved sequel to Origins. It’s good, so they say, and that’s pushing me towards picking it up sooner than I’d like.

Part of what makes the game so good, according to critics and players alike, is its moment-to-moment writing. Speaking yesterday during a lecture at NYU, BioWare Creative Director Mike Laidlaw talked about some of what it took to get these moments clicking so well.

Specifically, Laidlaw talked about the first character meeting with Chancellor Rockerick.

“That scene is one that we re-worked probably seven times over the course of the game…It needed to setup that initial opposition… we needed the sense that people weren’t willing to step up and solve the problem… I remember one of my clearer pieces of direction that I said to David [Gaider] and his team was that we basically needed that guy that shuts down the Ghostbusters containment unit…”

Ghostbusters fans know that guy.

You can watch the whole lecture on the NYU Game Center’s Twitch channel, by the way. It’s worth it if you’re into Dragon Age.

As for why I’m hesitating on this game? I want to play Dragon Age: Inquisition in the middle of a complete dry spell. I want it to be the only game in my sights. That might have to wait until January, though. Who knows if I’ll make it…

Check out our review of Dragon Age: Inquisition and see if its worth picking up.

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