Dr. Mario. It wasn’t until, oddly enough, one of my family members was in a hospital when I was a kid that I got to play the original game. My grandfather fell ill, and I was sent to spend the night at the house of a family friend.

I was, maybe, seven-years-old at the time.

I played the crap out of Dr. Mario that night. I liked it so much that the folks I was staying with packed it up with my belongings and sent me home with it the next morning. I kept playing.

Dr. Mario wound up being one of my most played games for the NES. The fact that Nintendo announced and quickly released a follow-up with Luigi on the banner has me exceptionally excited.

Dr. Luigi is available for the Wii U at $14.99. You can buy it right now, if this puzzling series is one you remember fondly.

We’ll be snagging it soon. Expect a Let’s Play and a write-up in the coming days.