Android 6.0 Marshmallow is still only running on a handful of devices, but you can try one of its best features thanks to a new third-party app called Doze. It brings Google’s battery saving update to devices running Android 4.1 and up.

The app is named after Doze, a key feature of Android Marshmallow that conserves battery life by putting your phone in a “sleep state” when you stop using it for a while. This new app takes a slightly different route, blocking all but a list of pre-approved apps from running in the background whenever the screen is off. That should give you a free extra hours of battery life per day.

You can switch Doze on and off with a quick tap from the app’s homescreen. A second screen lets you pick which apps have permission to run when the screen is off.

You’ll also need to let the app set up a VPN so it can block data flow to save battery life, but after that you should be good to go. You can download Doze for free from Google Play now.