I’ve adored Downwell ever since first playing it at PAX East a couple years back. Made by a single developer, this game drops players down a well with randomly generated stages and guns strapped to their feet.

Now, it’s on the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. It’s selling for the fair price of $4.99, and it touts Cross-Buy. But it once, play it on both your PS4 and PS Vita.

Listen up! This game is a whole lot of fun, and it looks like I’ll be buying it for a third time. I snagged it on Steam, and I adored it. The mobile version…? If I’m being honest, the touchscreen controls hampered the qualities of the game. Playing on my PS Vita, though? Yes! I need that in my life.

Pick up Downwell. It’s on the PlayStation 4, PS Vita, Steam, Android and iOS.