One of my most anticipated games of the holiday season has a demo that is available now on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Be sure to sign onto your handheld console and try The Legend of Legacy for free today!

The Legend of Legacy is a JRPG from developer FuRyu backed by former Square Enix and Level 5 staff. Many of the team members worked on Square Enix’s cult-classic franchise SaGa, which has traditionally relied heavily on free-roaming, non-linear exploration and randomized effects and rewards in battle. Very very different from Final Fantasy despite being developed right down the hall.

Those who are already interested in the final game and don’t need a demo to convince them should still take a few hours to check it out. The data from the demo will carry over into the full release, meaning you’ll already have the first two dungeons completed when it launches.

The demo grants access to all seven main characters, and you’ll be able to activate it up to 30 times. This should allow you experiment with the different 3-member team combinations and have a good feel for them when the full game launches.

The Legend of Legacy is being published by Atlus and will release on Oct. 13 for the Nintendo 3DS.