Oh boy, there are few things better on this earth than a Dunkin Donuts everything bagel toasted with butter and a large iced coffee. Except maybe the same order but with a bacon egg and cheese. Or a strawberry doughnut. And now, I can pay for that with my phone instead of using cash or a debit card. Starbucks introduced a similar application a few years ago, and now Dunkin's app works just the same. Here's how it gist: instead of owning and carrying a refillable Dunkin Donuts card, you simply install the DD application on your iOS or Android phone and add credits through PayPal or a bank account.

As GigaOm explains, when you go to purchase that sweet, sweet jelly doughnut you'll be able to quickly open the application and the checkout person can scan the QR code and debit your account. I just installed the application, it took just a few seconds, and I was able to add any amount above $2 to my account. I chose $15 to pre-load and I've made myself so hungry writing this article that I'm walking out the door now. Doughnuts on me, ya'll. What can I get you?

[via GigaOm]