Trenched was Double Fine's latest Xbox LIVE Arcade game to see release. The oddly fun mech/WWI/tower-defense hybrid was given its namesake as a nod to the game's plot and mechanics. The mechs are called "trenches," and they serve as mobile battle fortification during combat.

It's too bad the indy developer picked a name a bit too similar to Trench, a board game with sights set on its own video game adaptation. Trench, the Portuguese project owned by Rui Alípio Monteiro, sought trademark claims against Double Fine's product which resulted in Trenched taking an indefinite release delay in Europe.

It was announced at Gamescom that Trenched would become Iron Brigade in Europe, and that it would release towards the end of September.

Over the weekend, Double Fine's Brad Muir and Greg Rice announced that Trenched would be changed to Iron Brigade throughout the entire world once the game released in Europe. The studio intends to make the swap with the next title update. Muir and Rice indicated that the game's titles would have to match in order for gamers spread apart internationally to play together.

If you're cranky over the name change (Trenched is iconic, Iron Brigade sounds a bit too common), then Double Fine has something planned to cheer you up. Iron Brigade will bring with its new title a slew of free content to those that accept the update. Players will be seeing a new Survival Mode (akin to Horde Mode and playable on the "African Hospital" map), new costumes, new weapon unlocks and new salute gestures.

Tren–ahem–Iron Brigade launched on June 22nd in the States and was welcomed by a round of largely positive critical feedback. The experience packs polish, humor, personality and Double Fine's sense of charm. If you're looking for an XBLA title to hop into, you should consider this one.

[via XBLA Fans]