Double Fine did something very special last week: they announced and launched a Kickstarter campaign for a brand new point-and-click adventure game. Tim Schafer told fans that the team sought to raise $400,000 in roughly a months time; $100k of that was to go towards filming a documentary, while the remainder would be spent on the game itself.

That Kickstarter page took off overnight and earned more than $1,000,000 in its first 24 hours. That accomplishment set a record for the Kickstarter community, and the project continues to earn money and is approaching the $2,000,000 mark.

That extra money will go towards making the game and documentary even better. As was discussed by Schafer initially, the adventure game was bound for PC only. Platforms would be added based on the money earned.

Late last night, those that chose to back Double Fine's ambitious little Kickstarter project received an email update from Tim Schafer. In that email was a link to the video you see above.

Schafer announced that gamers will be able to play the game on the PC, Mac and Linux platforms. The game will also come to Android and iOS devices. However, if you're a backer, you'll only be pre-ordering a PC, Mac or Linux copy. It's, apparently, not possible to pre-order for Android or iOS through Kickstarter.

Schafer also explained that the game is going to be a lot better thanks to the extra money that's come from backers. It will include English voicework and text translations for EFIGS.

Oh, and thank goodness for this, the final version of the game will release DRM free. Yes!

We'll have more on this project as it comes, but you can hop over to Kickstarter right now and back the adventure game for yourselves. Doing so will keep you privy to new info, and you'll be able to participate in the closed beta for the game.