Broken Age was a very expensive game to make. Whether that’s because of the nature of making games in today’s costly world or Double Fine’s often discussed inability to release projects on time and within budget restraints is up for debate.

Whatever the case may be, the $3.3 million raised in its Kickstarter campaign coupled with splitting the game in two and selling it in this shape early didn’t do enough to turn the venture into profit.

That’s right, Broken Age hasn’t even been profitable yet. Well, if it is profitable now, it’s not by much. In the last episode of the documentary that ran alongside the development and release of Broken Age, Double Fine’s Tim Schafer talked explicitly about the cost this thing took to get made and how it’s only now about to break even. The first part released more than a year and a half ago, mind you.

Here’s Tim, as per Games Industry.

“My expectation with Broken Age in the end was just to break even… With Kickstarter, the risk is gone of losing money on it, so you know you’ve broken even if you just make the game to that amount of money. But we made it [for], like, twice as much almost as we got in. Or more. So we will just about make that back.”

Is game making just that expensive, or is this really an issue more attributibal to Double Fine’s track record? It’s hard to say, but it’s good that the game is finally approaching profit.