Double Fine is here with a brand new Kickstarter Campaign for a big tactical strategy PC game by the name of Massive Chalice. They're asking for $725,000 to make this game a reality. The Kickstarter just launched, at the time of drafting this post, and they've already hit $10,000.

I wish I made money that fast.

In the absolutely absurd pitch video above, Double Fine suggests that Massive Chalice will play like X-Com, feature permadeath and character progression that actually gets passed down from generation to generation. That pile of qualities sounds amazing.

Of course, Double Fine was one of the very first gaming companies to make major noise with a Kickstarter campaign. What's now called Broken Age was once just a Kickstarter project that managed to set records while it was still in the backing process.

Broken Age is almost a real, tangible thing that gamers can buy. With that, Double Fine is stepping back up to the Kickstarter plate with yet another project.

Massive Chalice has spawned from the brain of Brad Muir, the former Project Lead on Double Fine's Iron Brigade. Hopefully this game meets its Kickstarter goal and winds up a reality.

This is currently set to be a PC title. We'll have more on Massive Chalice as it comes. Estimated delivery for the game? September of 2014.