Following a friend’s recommendation, I installed the “Dots” application on my iPhone 5 a few months back. I didn’t think much of it at first, the goal is to eliminate the various colors of dots – you get a higher score for completing a box – and reach a high score. You can compete with friends, buy power ups to help eliminate dots and more. I was playing it last night, actually, and was wondering when it was going to hit Android devices… if ever. It turns out that day is today, weirdly enough.

Dots just launched in the Google Play store and it supports both smartphones and tablets alike. I’ve already installed it on a Galaxy S4 and a Nexus 7, and it’s free so anyone can give it a whirl. You can buy Power Ups in the game, which cost real money, but they aren’t necessary at all if you’re good enough.

Dots for Android offers 25 challenges for unlocking trophies, an un-timed mode, and support for several languages. It requires Android 2.2 and newer, and is available now for free. Check it out, just don’t plan on getting too much done for the rest of the day.