A recent episode of YouTube channel toco toco has the entire Internet falling asleep, but hardly because its content is boring. Instead, the relaxing voice of Doshin the Giant creator Kazutoshi Iida just weaves a fine web through your brain and whisks you off to sleep as he speaks about his love of historic Kyoto, his inspirations as a former game designer, and the reasoning behind leaving the video game industry.

Doshin the Giant was a GameCube exclusive that saw a release in both Europe and Japan, being one of the few that skipped out on a North American release. Iida, clearly a member of the more artsy approach to video games, saw it as his final video game, claiming that when he got started in development, he only ever wanted to make three video games before moving onto something else.

"In art history, we saw a transition from realism to abstract," Iida explained. "I thought that it would be interesting to apply that to games as well. Facing a game that you don't understand, but where you end up understanding yourself. This is the type of contemplative experience I wanted to create."

A retro mind worth uncovering

Iida isn't exactly a household name in the video game industry, and his other games, Aquanaut's Holiday and Tail of the Sun, didn't become full-blown classics either. Aquanaut's Holiday could have a place in the video game world these days, and plenty have expanded on its ground-breaking ideas over time. Tail of the Sun, though, is something you really have to bend your mind to appreciate.

Of course, all of his games enjoy a cult following thanks to their open-ended design long before such ideas became standard in video games. Even if his games aren't "fun" per-say, his insight into his creations is fascinating none-the-less.