Speedrunner Zero Master was the first player to beat the “Ultra-Nightmare” mode in DOOM, a mode that not only boosts the difficulty but also creates a permadeath situation. One misplaced rocket or exploding barrel, and it’s all over. At the time, not even members of id Software’s staff had been able to beat it.

However, now that others have caught on, Zero Master has upped the game by beating the mode without using any power-ups. No runes, no suit upgrades, no health boosts. Nothing. Even the weapon swapping trick doesn’t work because the upgrade for the speed boost can’t be equipped.

In the end, Zero Master not only beats the mode, but the time spent not gathering updates also shaves an hour off of his original time.

Apparently a lot of people have beaten it now on Ultra-Nightmare, so I figured I’d take it a step further. But the main reason is because it’s a very fun way to play the game! I play a lot more aggressive this time and I don’t end up just using gauss cannon with rich get richer rune to clear everything late game.

Now, the big question: “Can he beat it with a DDR mat or a Guitar Hero controller?” Probably. You gamers make me sick sometimes.