Certainly, if you’ve got a relatively modern gaming PC, the PC platform is where you should be playing DOOM. This is the grandaddy series of PC FPS games, and that’s absolutely where id does their best work.

What about in the land of gaming consoles, though? How’s the brand new DOOM running on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One?

The fine folks at Digital Foundry have done a graphical comparison video for the release, as is their standard, and it’s running well on both platforms. Here’s the video.

The short of it is this: DOOM uses and adaptive scaling technique in order to keep performance at its best. The game runs in 1080p at 60fps when it can, but when there’s too much action going down, DOOM‘s resolution will scale down in order to maintain that 60fps pace.

You guessed it, though. The PlayStation 4 maintains the 1080p at 60fps standard more consistently than the Xbox One. Both consoles, though, run the game well.

Are you snagging DOOM?