Bethesda’s announced the release of the first big update for Doom, scheduled to hit tomorrow, and what it entails. Aside from the laundry list of fixes, there are a couple interesting elements in there that fans of the property are likely looking forward to.

Taking things way back to the beginning of the series, the update will now allow players to use classic weapon placement. This is something I personally can’t imagine myself using – it feels like having my gun tucked against my chest – but it’s a classic trapping that will make the throwback elements of the game feel that much more authentic.

Also coming to the game is a photo mode, available in the campaign, that’ll let you take some sweet photos of hell. It’s unclear right now if that mode will let you jump out of the first person view and capture the Doom Marine in the shot, but we can hope.

SnapMap is getting new props and better author name placement, as well as some improvements to how it handles lobbies and timeouts.