Throughout its history, the original DOOM has been modded to play on a cornucopia of devices: calculators, printers, and even the new MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar. But it’s still surprising—shocking, even—to see the iconic shooter appear, of all places, in the dashboard of a Porsche 911.

What’s next? Inside a Boeing 747? On the International Space Station?

YouTube user vexal made a video showing how it all works, and it’s both surprising and terrifying. How authentic the video is is another question entirely. It seems completely absurd—the game looks added in after the fact—but DOOM has shown up in stranger places.

In addition to getting the game running inside of the car, vexal somehow managed to turn the vehicle into a giant controller. That means the steering wheel, horn, shifter, and accelerator are all used to control the game.

Don’t try this at home—or anywhere

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t try this on a public road—or anywhere. According to vexal, the video was shot on private property, so nobody was in any immediate danger. But, still, this isn’t something you should try and replicate, no matter how much fun it looks.

DOOM is one of the gaming industry’s most iconic titles. It’s rather odd that part of that legacy is getting the game to run on devices it wasn’t intended for. But, as they say, if it has a screen, it can run DOOM.