During its debut E3 presentation, Bethesda showed off gameplay for the upcoming reboot to the DOOM franchise.

Built by the id6 engine, the new DOOM is truly an old-school experience with no iron-sights, no waypoints, and no regenerating health. Yes, killing enemies drops the life-refills you’ll need to survive. No ducking behind walls for a few seconds, you Call of Duty kids.

The two shotguns showed off in the trailer feel powerful just through the video, and the return of the plasma cannon is a welcome addition. The chainsaw is a little over the top, but we need a violent weapon to make players feel like a “badass,” as id puts it. I dunno, I think beating space demons from hell with your fists are pretty sufficient.

Bethesda has a bit more work to do on animating enemies after they are blasted into pieces, but I’m liking what I see so far from DOOM. It’s old-school and unapologetically violent. However, I need a bit more from a single-player campaign than just shooting monsters anymore. I can play the original DOOM if I want that.

DOOM also features old-fashioned arena style combat in stages from Mars bases to the depths of hell, and to top it all off, Bethesda and id are allowing players to create their own content and upload it to their servers through the newly announced Snapmap. In a similar fashion to Super Mario Maker, everyone will be able to easily create and share content regardless of the platform.

Bethesda teased the BFG, but cut away before it could show us off the full potential of its destruction. DOOM will launch for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in spring 2016.