The boxart for the upcoming Doom game is boring. There’s no better word. It’s painfully generic. Since its reveal, gamers have been complaining, much like they had with Bioshock Infinite

Bethesda has listened, and the studio has an answer. While Bethesda still seems confident that Faceless Space Guy is going to sell more copies at retail, they understand the desire fans have for something more striking. The game will feature a reversible cover insert that you can flip around to have something that looks a bit cooler.

What that’ll be is up to us gamers. Bethesda has posted via the official Doom twitter a set of two different covers, shown in the gallery above. You can vote on which one using the poll below.

They’re both improvements, but while option A  is pretty striking with the red and black look, option B pays homage to the original’s cover art, also in the gallery, while giving it a fresh update.

Either way, if you pick up a boxed copy of the game, you’ll have an option for something much more interesting than the Master Chief knock-off above when the game releases on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on May 13.