Is 13 hours too long or too short for a first-person shooter these days? That’s a talking point we might be hearing about until id Software relaunches the DOOM franchise later this year.

When pressed for the single-player campaign’s length on the official Twitter page, id Software replied confirming that the game is taking roughly 13 hours for the staff to complete.

Keep in mind that these are the developers who no doubt know the game after building it, designing it, and testing it everyday for their careers. Normal gamers might take longer than that if they want to uncover secrets and really explore the hellish levels.

Those who played the original DOOM know that uncovering secrets was just as important as blasting demons in the face with rocket launchers. If id Software is able to tap into the original genius that made DOOM a household name, then 13 hours might be just enough.

Some first-person shooters have a tendency to overstay their welcome, and others feel light in comparison when they wrap up after six to eight hours. If DOOM turns out to be just blasting away the minions of hell wave after wave after wave, then I’d prefer to get my fill quickly and move on. 13 hours would be too long in that case.

DOOM launches for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on May 13.