Donut County has piqued my interest here at PAX East 2017. Let me break this glorious nonsense down for you to enjoy.

We did not have an appointment to see this game. Instead, I walked by an open kiosk early on Friday, thought the art style was neat and sat down to play for myself. This is a strange, physics-based game that I sort of fell in love with in short order.

Each stage opens up in a close perspective on you, a tiny hole in the ground. You’ll move the hole about, dropping bits of the environment into yourself in order to grow. This is where the “like Katamari Damacy” part comes into play. As you drop more objects into the hole, the hole gets bigger. You guessed it, this allows you to drop even bigger objects in the hole.

There’s this whole puzzle-solving aspect at work, though. At one point, I swallowed a massive brick stove. My hole began to glow with heat (stop laughing). That heat worked wonders below a hot air balloon that I pushed up into the sky. Right! Physics!

There’s a story at work in between all the puzzling and object swallowing, though the demo was too short to really learn much beyond how charming it is. This is like a physics toy, perhaps, that’s best enjoyed by those who don’t mind more whimsical games.

That’s me, though. I like when games drop odd experiences on top of me that I can’t find anywhere else. Donut County will likely be the most unique game I played at PAX this year, and that’s exciting.

The game’s slated to release sometime in 2017, so stay tuned.