Now that the time to preorder the Super NES Classic has come and gone, Nintendo decided now’s a good time to reveal a few of the features the system will offer up. Turns out, the 21-game packing platform with two controllers and a $80 price tag can do a lot of little nifty stuff.

The Super NES Classic has save states, exactly like the NES Classic. It also offers frame decorations to spruce up the black bars that surround the 4:3 image each game takes up.

Then it has a stupid rewind feature. That’s right, if you want to check out the last bit of your gameplay, you can rewind and watch the experience unfold as you played it. If you happened to mess up during this time, you can use the rewind feature to undo your mistake and try again.

Don’t do that. Come on. Don’t you dare.

I’m not looking to drag out my soapbox, grab my cane, yell, “Get off my lawn,” and opine about the good ol’ days. I don’t care if modern games are easier or whatever. This rewind feature just seems misplaced.

Hear me out.

These old games were designed to be a certain sort of difficult. You’re supposed to be challenged by the tough racing in F-Zero. The grueling rounds in Super Punch Out are supposed to put you on your butt more often than not. Friends, don’t even get me started on Super Ghouls n’ Ghosts, which I’ll mark as one of the hardest in the list of games.

You’re meant to lose. You’re meant to die. You’re meant to bang your head against the wall as you witness your mistakes in real time and wind up restarting races, levels or campaigns from scratch.

The lifeblood of these classic games stems from their original design, and titles like Donkey Kong Country served us so well in part because of their difficulty curve. The first time I played a mine cart level in that game, I got wrecked. Being able to rewind time would have turned it into a cake walk.

The 21 games installed on the Super NES Classic are really good. Some of them are tough, but I conquered them when I was seven, eight and nine years old. The ultimate reward of powering through Contra III felt sweet because of how hard the game was.

Although, those who try to rewind time whenever they die might run into an issue in Mega Man X. You’re supposed to lose to the first boss in the game. I wonder how many players will get stuck rewinding time over and over again as they lose to that boss no matter what they do.

Serves them right, I say. Back in my day, we used to beat bosses in the snow, up hill both ways, with no shoes on.