The Nokia Lumia 800 is apparently incredibly tough. So tough that it can withstand wind speeds of up to 3,603mph – that's MACH 5, or an insane hypersonic classification. The only lunatics who purposely hit those unholy speeds are Goose and Maverick from Top Gun. But since NokNok TV doesn't have access to a jet of their own, they performed the experiment using the next closest thing: a miniature wind tunnel.

The miniature wind tunnel has the ability to blow blasts of high temperature, high pressure air at MACH 5 speeds, or 5x the speed of sound. Not that you or I would ever be in a situation where this sort of indestructibility would be necessary, but hey, at least we know, and that definitely counts for something. The next time you have to eject from a jet while performing a nose dive, at least you can rest easy knowing your Lumia 800 will survive the incredible speeds. We can't promise your stomach will hold up, though.

While the results don't apply to many everyday activities, it solidifies Nokia's attention to constructing beautiful, quality hardware. Really, we got our hands-on the device over three months ago now and still believe it's one of the best looking devices out there. Maybe that premium price tag on the Lumia 800 bundle is worth it after all.

[via NokNok TV]

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