twitterpeekIf you hadn’t yet heard, the makers of the Peek and Peek Pronto unveiled their newest creation.  It’s called the Twitter Peek.  Unlike the Peek and Peek Pronto, which are dedicated email and texting devices, the Twitter Peek is dedicated solely to Twitter.  For the first second or two, your brain tries its hardest to convince you that it’s a solid idea.  The honeymoon ends shortly thereafter.

The Twitter Peek comes in at two price points.  You can pay $99 and after your six months of free service, costs you $7.95 per month.  You also have the option of dropping $199 for the device, which comes with free service forever.  Why you would ever pay for a device that has such limited functionality might as well be the eighth wonder of the world.

Although I’m not certain that the dedicated email versions of the Peek weren’t a big success, there are so many things wrong with the Twitter Peek that it’d be hard to classify the device as a potential success.  Twitter is already available to anyone with a mobile phone that can text.  You can receive text notifications of users that you absolutely must have immediately.  Unlimited texting can be added to any contract for what, $15 per month.  Even there, you get more functionality than just Twitter.  The Twitter Peek can’t take pictures or link websites (unless you know the exact URL), so your tweets are already limited to plain text.  Not only that, but I can’t imagine how much of a Twitter power user you’d have to be to drop that much money on a device so limited.

I guess the idea most confuses me when there are other more obvious and appealing ways to push Twitter functionality to a Peek device.  Couldn’t they find a way to push a software update that would allow users to add a Twitter account to a Peek in exchange for an increase to their already monthly Peek subscription?

The idea of dedicated twitter device is certainly unique, but the market for such a device is so limited.  Maybe I’m judging a bit too soon, but there’s just something about the device that makes you wonder how any device like this made it past the product pitch.  Would you buy a device that was solely dedicated to Twitter?  Didn’t think so. Is the device going to be an unexpected success? Share your thoughts in the comments.