Kazuo Hirai with PS Vita

When it comes to unveiling the next generation consoles, Sony's Kazuo Hirai has gone on record saying that his company will let Microsoft unveil their new hardware first.

The word was delivered to the Business section of The Times in an interview regarding the general future of Sony. Here's the wording that IGN pulled from the story:

"Why go first, when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?"

I have two responses to that rhetorical question from Mr. Hirai. First, the PS Vita was unveiled after the Nintendo 3DS and sits in a distant second in hardware sales. Second, with hardware that takes years and years to design and produce, what kind of last second specifications can you really improve upon after announcing your stuff last?

With that said, don't expect to hear about the PlayStation 4 until Microsoft announces the next Xbox.