I really don’t know what Apple is thinking by selling phones with 16GB of storage. I thought it was shocking last year when the company continued to sell its flagship smartphones with 16GB. This year it’s just insanity. If you’re planning to buy one of Apple’s new iPhones, either the iPhone 6s or the iPhone 6s Plus, do yourself a favor and skip the 16GB model. Spend the extra money on a 64GB or 128GB model, or you’ll regret your decision in a few months.

I understand that maybe someone who doesn’t use a lot of apps, maybe just email and some CNN here and there, might want to buy a 16GB iPhone. It has the cheaper onset price and, really, you’re not doing too much with it. That person is probably my grandmother. If you have any other use case for your phone, however, you’re going to end up crippling yourself and with a dud of an iPhone.

The new A9 chip, for example, allows developers to create much more graphics-intensive games and CPU-chewing apps. To the end user, this means beautiful software experiences, but at the cost of apps and games that are much, much larger in size. You’re going to need somewhere to store the titles. Many of today’s popular games can exceed even 1GB or 2GB, and those use the older and less demanding A8 chip. Some examples: BioShock takes up 2.6GB, World of Tanks is 2.5GB, GTA:SA is 1.9GB.

If you want just those three games, you’re already using almost half of your storage. What about all of your other apps, like iMovie for editing your 4K videos? That’s 736MB. Or maybe Microsoft Word? That’s 543MB. It all adds up very quickly. Toss in some songs, music, video downloads and regular iMessage cache, and before you know if you’re going to eat up that 16GB of storage.

Worse, we haven’t even started talking about the one feature that’s going to eat up more of that storage: 4K video. It’s one of the brand new features of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, and you’re probably going to want to use it if the camera is as good as Apple says it is.

The prices might be hard to swallow up front, since I’m recommending you spend at least $299 on a new two-year contract for the iPhone 6s, or at least $399 for a 64GB iPhone 6s Plus, but it’s well worth it. You should take advantage of everything your phone will offer, especially since you may own it for two years, and 16GB just won’t cut it.